From $500M in Funding to Revolutionizing Remote Pay: Insights from’s CEO Job van der Voort - ep. 072

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In our latest episode, Rick and Kaleem speak with Job van der Voort, the CEO of takes our audience on an extraordinary journey. Formerly a neuroscientist, Job transitioned from studying rat brains to becoming a tech entrepreneur that raised over 500 million for remote-first startup.

Job's neuroscience background, which involved playing sounds to rats and studying brain activity through electrode insertion, adds a unique twist to the unconventional nature of his past work.

Diving into the compelling narrative of GitLab's growth from an open-source project to a billion-dollar company, where our guest served as the third employee, Job reflects on the unexpected success of remote work within GitLab, attributing it to the team's diverse backgrounds and a shared commitment to common goals. The challenges GitLab faced in managing a globally distributed workforce inspired Job to launch!

As the CEO of Remote, Job is at the helm of a platform simplifying the complexities of hiring, managing, and paying global teams, providing access to career opportunities worldwide.

Job’s steps underscore the significance of clear communication standards and embracing diversity in remote teams. He emphasizes the value of assuming good intentions, countering concerns about cultural differences and communication barriers through positive interpretations.

Some controversial topics such as location-based pay versus location-independent pay are explored, with our guest offering a nuanced perspective on market dynamics and supply-demand factors.

Addressing negative feedback regarding's pro-remote stance, Job highlights the growing acceptance of remote work and its benefits for both employers and employees.

This conversation advocates for fully remote or fully in-office setups over hybrid models, emphasizing the clarity of benefits in these approaches. Job imparts a valuable New Year's resolution about prioritizing important tasks, offering a thought-provoking insight into optimizing productivity.

This comprehensive view of Job van der Voort's unique journey showcasing's evolution offers insightful perspectives on remote work, business dynamics, and the challenges of managing global teams! Job's experiences, coupled with his humor and valuable insights, make this podcast a must-listen for those navigating the evolving landscape of remote work.

As the CEO of Job continues to make waves in simplifying global team management, making an indispensable solution for hiring, managing, and paying anyone, anywhere!

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