Ashley Herd's Wild Remote Work Adventure: Facing a Giant! - ep. 087

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12 minutes

Welcome to our first Not Safe For Remote Work (NSFRW) segment! Here, employees at all levels share their most outrageous moments while working remotely. Today's episode features Ashley Herd, an attorney with an impressive career history. Having worked for McKinsey and Kentucky Fried Chicken, she is currently the founder and CEO of Manager Method, a company specializing in manager training and coaching.

Ashley’s story exemplifies the challenges and surprises of remote work! In 2016, she moved from Louisville, Kentucky, to Sydney, Australia, for her husband’s job. This move required her to continue working for a U.S.-based company, adapting to a schedule that began at 4:30 AM from Tuesday through Saturday to align with U.S. business hours. Exhausting, right?

Ashley faced unique challenges in her remote work experience, including adapting to local wildlife in unexpected ways. Her adventures from this period highlight the unpredictable aspects of working from home.

Despite the challenges, the benefits of remote work are clear, particularly in terms of work-life balance for Ashley. Her experiences in Australia influenced her current work with Manager Method, where she helps managers have difficult conversations and improve their performance management skills.

To hear more about Ashley’s remote work adventures, check out her TikTok and Instagram: @ManagerMethod. There, she provides practical advice for managers in short, engaging videos, and also offers a LinkedIn Learning course titled "Daily Habits for Effective People Management."

Ashley’s experiences showcase the amusing and unexpected moments that come with working remotely. Tune in to hear a true testament to the human side of remote work and the unique stories that come from it!

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