Crafting Remote Work Connections: Tracy Avin's Troop HR Approach to Building a Vibrant Culture - ep. 067

Tracy Avin, Rick Haney, Kaleem Clarkson
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31 minutes

Welcome to another episode of Remotely One, the podcast delving into the ever-evolving realm of remote work! In this episode, hosts Rick and Kaleem engage in a fascinating conversation with Tracy Avin, a remarkable professional singer, breast cancer survivor, and the visionary founder of Troop HR—a thriving community for people leaders. Tracy takes us on a journey from her New Jersey roots to her remote work experiences, culminating in the establishment of Troop HR during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beginning with her foray into remote work in 2016-17, Tracy highlighted her successful transition to remote while residing in California. Blending personal anecdotes with professional insights, the trio explores Tracy's New Jersey background and her reflections on the state's portrayal in shows like "Jersey Shore." Her pivotal shift from a large enterprise organization to a 10-person health tech startup in 2013 takes center stage as she recounts the culture shock and community-building efforts that eventually led to the creation of Troop HR. Tracy's initiatives underscore the importance of articulating achievements when proposing remote work arrangements.

Our guest sheds light on Troop HR's focus on supporting HR leaders and professionals, fostering collaboration, and sharing resources. Tracy's efforts in navigating the challenges of the remote work era, especially during the pandemic, are truly admirable. The impact of COVID-19 on remote work and the swift organizational transition were crucial for the current state of remote work, hinging on open communication.

The conversation swiftly touches on the most prevalent topics in remote work within HR circles. Tracy identifies engagement, managing leave, and compensation as the top three, delving into the complexities of compensation, particularly regarding pay equity for employees in different locations. Kaleem shares his personal dilemma on remote work compensation, sparking a discussion on strategies HR professionals employ to keep remote employees engaged. Tracy highlights the effectiveness of offsite events, team socializing, and employee resource groups (ERGs), emphasizing the importance of fostering personal connections among team members. She also shares creative ideas for monthly social events at Troop HR.

Tracy's insights into the evolving landscape of remote work and HR practices are not to be missed. Her dedication to building communities and providing valuable resources for HR professionals navigating the challenges of the remote work era is truly inspiring. This episode encapsulates a harmonious blend of personal anecdotes, professional expertise, and pertinent insights into the current remote work landscape.

To capture the essence of remote work experiences, the challenges posed by the pandemic, and the initiatives taken by Troop HR to create a supportive and impactful community for HR professionals: Tune in!

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