Green Tech Innovations and HR Strategies with Mojave Energy Systems Director of HR Susanne Kleveros - ep.080

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12 minutes

Join us in this episode recorded live at the Transform HR conference in Last Vegas! This time host Kaleem Clarkson and guest Susanne Kleveros share valuable insights around feedback in a remote work setting. Straight from Malmo, Sweden, and with over 12 years of experience in HR management, Susanne has an impressive background, including stints at renowned companies like KPMG, Walmart, Volvo, and Kohler. Currently, she serves as the founder of Don't Tell HR and the Director of HR at Mojave Energy Systems, a green tech HVAC manufacturer, where she spearheads initiatives to revolutionize the industry.

In this engaging conversation, the hyped pair explores the challenges and advantages of providing continuous feedback in remote and hybrid work environments. Susanne highlights the importance of equipping managers with the tools and support needed to foster natural, ongoing feedback conversations with their teams. She emphasizes the significance of tracking feedback and performance to ensure no one is caught off guard during performance reviews.

Susanne shares insights into Mojave Energy Systems' innovative work model, which encompasses onsite, remote, and hybrid arrangements. As a company dedicated to green technology, they're making strides in reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption with their revolutionary HVAC units.

Delving into the future of workplace flexibility, Susanne predicts a continued push for remote work options while recognizing the need for in-person collaboration in certain roles. She emphasizes the importance of supporting employees' well-being and providing flexibility to accommodate their needs.

And of course, we can't forget the fun bit—Susanne's unique experience as an identical twin! From sharing her experiences navigating twin dating scenarios to discussing the intriguing phenomenon of twin couples, Susanne shares some lighthearted anecdotes from her life.

Join us for this insightful and entertaining episode as we explore the evolving landscape of remote work and the human experiences that shape it. Don't miss out on Susanne's valuable perspectives and memorable stories.

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