Laughing Through Remote Work: Jamie Jackson's Humorous Adventures - ep. 089

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11 minutes

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In our latest episode of Not Safe for Remote Work, Rick and Kaleem had the pleasure of chatting with Jamie Jackson, who wears multiple hats as the Chief Meme Officer at Humorous Misery, LLC, and co-host of the popular HR Besties podcast. Jamie brought her trademark humor and wit, sharing delightful anecdotes from her experience working remotely.

Jamie quickly touched on her role as a "personality hire" within her workplace, where she infuses humor and light-heartedness into the corporate culture. Beyond her work anecdotes, Jamie has a thriving online presence! She manages several favorite meme pages, including @humorous_resources, @millennial_misery, and @parody_parenting, each showcasing her talent for blending humor with relatable content.

Tune into HR Besties for more laughs and insightful discussions on HR topics.

Thank you, Jamie, for the infectious energy and engaging storytelling! This episode is a delightful peek into the lighter side of remote work, illustrating how unexpected and humorous moments can foster camaraderie and strengthen workplace relationships.

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