Quantifying Remote Work Impact: Kate Lister's Calculator and the Tech Behind Remote Work Savings - ep. 071

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40 minutes

In our latest episode, hosts Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson enjoy a captivating conversation with the accomplished Kate Lister, Principal of Global Workplace Analytics. With nearly two decades of expertise, Kate has been at the forefront of helping employers shape, implement, and evaluate on-site, remote, and hybrid workplace strategies.

In this episode, Kate's remarkable journey comes to life, revealing surprising twists from her transition from banking to operating a vintage flight-seeing business with her husband. The challenges of her consulting days take center stage, intertwined with the creation of a groundbreaking calculator that vividly illustrates the substantial savings achievable through remote work. Kate's outstanding background and numerous media features add an extra layer of intrigue to her already impressive accomplishments. Discover how Kate Lister is making work, work better, and explore the exciting landscape of remote work with a seasoned expert at the helm.

Discussing her accomplishments, her calculator, a feat of complexity with over 600 calculations and 125 variables, steps into the spotlight. Its significance in quantifying the impact of remote work becomes evident, showcasing its monumental importance.

Witness her transformative approach to convincing companies about the benefits of remote work. Initially hesitant to engage with clients resisting remote work, Kate has evolved to focus on education backed by evidence. She emphasizes the critical role of measuring and articulating concerns accurately, guiding companies to concentrate on the right issues.

Three years ago an occurrence that easily captures the essence of Kate's journey took place, she received a call that seemed unbelievable. A testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee in 2020 became a reality, marked by its challenges and unexpected moments.

A unique and entertaining exploration of Kate Lister's journey and the intricacies of remote work, offering a delightful and informative experience for listeners, both before and during the pandemic. Tune in now to Remotely One for an enlightening adventure into the world of remote work!

Thank you for joining us this time Kate, it was awesome!

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