Remote Feedback Essentials with The Leadership Consortium’s Kristin Smith - ep. 082

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13 minutes

Join us for an engaging episode of the Remotely One podcast as Kaleem Clarkson sits down with Kristin Smith, Director of Business Development at The Leadership Consortium, live from the Transform HR conference in Las Vegas, where they share valuable insights around feedback in a remote work setting.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Kristin's journey from retail executive to leadership development expert has been nothing short of remarkable! With extensive experience at Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, Kristin's transition to a fully remote work environment posed unique challenges, particularly in providing and receiving feedback. She shares insightful strategies for navigating remote feedback, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and leveraging various platforms beyond Zoom.

Discover how Kristin's Leadership Consortium is revolutionizing leadership development with its interactive remote programs, featuring top-notch professors from renowned institutions. From live interactions to peer coaching sessions, the consortium offers a comprehensive approach to leadership education.

Learn how Kristin fosters connection and collaboration within her remote team through innovative initiatives like co-working spaces and daily stand-up meetings, underscoring the significance of intentional connection in combating isolation and enhancing productivity.

Don't miss out on the fun as Kristin shares a surprising chapter—her stint as an undercover police operative during her high school days! Join us for an insightful conversation filled with valuable tips, inspiring stories, and a touch of humor as we explore the evolving landscape of remote work and leadership development.

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