Transforming Wellness: Tegan Bukowski’s Vision for a Healthier Remote Workforce - ep. 090

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45 minutes

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What a lively and insightful episode! Hosts Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson chat with Tegan Bukowski, the innovative co-founder and CEO of WellSet.

Tegan's unique upbringing set the stage for her extraordinary journey, beginning with her formative years living on a 34-foot powerboat in Puget Sound, Washington. This unconventional lifestyle, which Tegan humorously refers to as her first remote working job, fostered her independence and adaptability.

Her transition from life on the boat to a successful career in Los Angeles is marked by impressive academic and professional achievements. Her dedication to social impact became evident through her nonprofit work, leading projects worldwide, such as designing a photovoltaic field in Rwanda and conducting art therapy with children affected by conflict. This work has received recognition in prestigious publications like The New York Times, Time Magazine, and Vogue.

Our guest transitioned from architecture at Zaha Hadid, where health challenges led her to explore holistic health, creating WellSet, the first holistic health platform for teams to combat burnout. Her decade-long journey saw wellness evolve from niche to necessity, driven by her personal health struggles. Becoming a yoga instructor, she used yoga, meditation, and diet to manage her condition, teaching globally.

Key achievements include wellness activations for companies like Samsung and Lululemon, often through organic opportunities from her rooftop sessions. Co-founding WellSet with Sky Meltzer in 2018, they pivoted from in-person sessions to digital offerings during the pandemic, with the Stay at Home Wellness Festival attracting 45,000 participants. This success transformed WellSet into a digital studio with diverse daily classes.

Tegan's journey through wellness, entrepreneurship, and remote work encapsulates the evolving landscape of holistic health and the profound impact of the pandemic on work and wellbeing! Her story is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the enduring importance of community and holistic care in navigating modern challenges. Thank you for joining us this time, Tegan!

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