The Power of Cognitive Biases in Remote Work: Lessons from Dr. Gleb Tsipursky - ep.079

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44 minutes

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of remote work success and revolutionize your decision-making processes? Join hosts Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson as they welcome the acclaimed "Office Whisperer" and "Hybrid Expert" Dr. Gleb Tsipursky to the latest episode of Remotely One. As a behavioral scientist and the CEO of Disaster Avoidance Experts, Dr. Tsipursky brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

In this captivating episode, Gleb introduces the fascinating world of cognitive biases, shedding light on how these psychological phenomena impact decision-making. Through engaging examples like overindulging in cookies, he reveals how biases such as the status quo bias and functional fixedness can shape leadership and adaptation in remote work settings.

Drawing from his consulting work with the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute, Gleb tackles the challenges of retention and recruitment in academia head-on. He underscores the pivotal role of flexibility in work arrangements, showcasing its power in attracting and retaining top talent, surpassing even financial incentives. Gleb also delves into effective onboarding strategies tailored for remote employees, from insightful surveys to personalized mentoring programs.

Looking towards the future, Gleb predicts a continued ascent of remote work, driven by groundbreaking technological advancements such as generative AI and augmented reality. He urges listeners to discern between headline trends and the real-world dynamics of remote work, advocating for a deeper understanding of the forces shaping the modern workplace.

Gleb’s passion for navigating the complexities of remote work and cognitive biases shines through in this enlightening discussion. Gain invaluable insights into enhancing decision-making processes and cultivating thriving remote and hybrid work cultures.

Don't miss out on this dynamic exchange of ideas, humor, and practical advice—it's a masterclass in understanding human behavior in today's workplace. Tune in now and embark on a journey toward remote work excellence with Dr. Tsipursky as your guide!

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