Engage Your Employees - John Howard ep. 024

John Howard, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
RemotelyOne Episode Image
43 minutes

Rick and Kaleem shoot the breeze with John Howard, Founder and CEO of Slingshot,  a swag and merchandise company with clients such as Adobe, Charity Water, and YAC.  John brings a unique perspective on workplace flexibility as Slingshot is a hybrid-remote company with dedicated warehouse employees mixed with designers, marketers, and sales professionals. 

John's message is very simple: Engage your employees. It doesn't matter if they're remote, hybrid, or in the office. Find out what makes them tick, inspires them, and makes them who they are. Encouraging them to explore their passions and skillsets is essential to employee morale, which benefits everyone in the company. 

Talk about a guy who really gets it. And he literally brings the goods! 

Thanks, John, for a fun and enlightening episode. Come back and see us again!