Humancentric - The Ultimate Employee Experience: Ben Whitter- ep. #010

Ben Whitter, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
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42 minutes

In this episode, Kaleem and Rick talk with Ben Whitter, the number one employee experience thinker in the world. That's no typo. Ben is widely acknowledged as the leading authority on employee experience (EX) globally. Neither Rick nor Kaleem can believe they got to spend an hour with him.

Ben and his team help colleagues, companies, and audiences to develop their holistic, human-centered, and experience-driven approach to deliver exceptional business and human outcomes. His client list includes world-leading brands like Unilever, Microsoft, GSK, JP Morgan Chase, FedEX, Deutsche Telekom, Ogilvy, Ford, Suntory, and Sanofi. 

This dude is so badass, he even bought a forest. A FOREST. 

In this amazing conversation, we learned that bad management is a recipe for disaster. Any company or organization can provide a world class employee experience, but the moment poor management is implemented, none of it will matter. If the Coronavirus pandemic taught us anything, it's that there are better ways to work. People have had enough of working themselves to exhaustion for managers who don't value them as people. 

Once you hear this episode, you're likely to agree: The world can learn a lot from Ben Whitter.