Legally Speaking - Tara Vasdani ep. 036

Tara Vasdani, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
RemotelyOne Episode Image
13 minutes

We sat down with Tara Vasdani, Managing Partner and Founder at Remote Law Canada, to discuss the elephant in the room: The legal implications of remote work. 

We won't pretend to understand the intricacies of remote work law, because it continues to evolve. But we gained some valuable insight, perhaps even a few things most people don't even think about. 

For example, how does an Employer of Record address local termination and severance legislation when an employee is terminated by the third party (client), and not the EOR? How can  remote work policies and employment agreements address potential disability claims?

These are just a few questions Tara deals with regularly, but she is able to break it down clearly. You'll see how knowledgeable she is on the subject, and her bright personality allows for us to understand it! Thanks for joining us, Tara!