Recreating Signposts: Chris Dyer - ep. #002

Chris Dyer, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
RemotelyOne Episode Image
41 minutes

In this episode, Rick and Kaleem have a fascinating conversation with  Chris Dyer, whose book entitled "Remote Work" is an Amazon Bestseller. Chris has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Fast Company and BBC, and was kind enough to give the fellas over half an hour of his time to discuss his experience, current role in the industry, and what anyone can expect when considering remote work as a fulfilling career. 

Chris has insights that are not only inspiring, but easy to digest. He discusses how our interactions with coworkers have been redefined by working remotely, the importance of recreating what was essential to traditional office work, and learning to let go of what was not. 

This episode is packed with wisdom and tidbits of inspiration, and you won't be disappointed!