Elevating Remote Work: Personal Branding & LinkedIn Strategies with Mandy Fransz - ep. 069

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What an engaging and insightful discussion! In this dynamic episode, our hosts, Rick and Kaleem, dive into the fascinating world of remote work, personal branding, and LinkedIn strategies guided by Mandy Fransz, Co-creator and Chief Community Officer at Remote Workers Worldwide. From lighthearted banter unraveling the nuances of Dutch culture, language, and accents to Mandy's captivating journey from the Netherlands to a thriving career in remote work, this episode is a gem!


The Time Is Now (Remote Work Is Out There): Rachel Lanham - ep. #003

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In this episode, Rick and Kaleem have a fun chat with Rachel Lanham, Chief Customer Officer at Voodle, a video chat for the workplace. Rachel brings her years of experience to the table. She emphasizes the importance of companies utilizing a culture statement, and how there has never been more resources for people to adapt themselves into remote work (another shameless plug for Voodle!)

Oh! And you won't believe the first concert she attended!


Recreating Signposts: Chris Dyer - ep. #002

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In this episode, Rick and Kaleem have a fascinating conversation with  Chris Dyer, whose book entitled "Remote Work" is an Amazon Bestseller. Chris has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Fast Company and BBC, and was kind enough to give the fellas over half an hour of his time to discuss his experience, current role in the industry, and what anyone can expect when considering remote work as a fulfilling career.