Belief In Leadership - Josh Morse - ep. 018

Josh Morse, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
RemotelyOne Episode Image
42 minutes

What happens when three pals from high school reunite for a podcast twenty five years later? You get lots of laughs, a few inside jokes, and tons of life experiences that leave you entertained,  perhaps even inspired.

Rick and Kaleem were so excited to host their longtime friend Josh Morse, Senior Vice President at Layr, a 100% online insurtech that empowers brokers and agents to provide small businesses with the coverage they need. Josh's background in sales and leadership have not only served him well, but provide us an interesting perspective into company culture and employee engagement. As the title suggests, employees don't always stick around because of their paycheck; they stay because they believe in their leadership and align with its values. 

This was a refreshing episode with lots of good information. Hard to imagine these guys as professionals when their earliest memories together involve bad dancing on chem-free nights at a local nightclub. How far they've come!