This Is How You Do It - Chris Ronzio - ep. 020

Chris Ronzio, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
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34 minutes

Chris Ronzio is a guy who gets things done. Energized by progress, and driven by process, Chris and his team developed Trainual, a software tool to help organize small and growing businesses. As Founder and CEO, Chris believes there is a better way to organize  "how you do, what you do."

He is the host of two podcasts, "The Fastest Growing Companies” and “Organize Chaos”. He is also the Author of the best-selling book “The Business Playbook - How to Document and Delegate What You Do So Your Company Can Grow Beyond You." He has written for Inc Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur and host of other publications, and we are so very fortunate to have him join us in this episode! 

Oh, and he likes to make music videos with Montell Jordan, no biggie. Thanks for the fun and enlightening conversation, Chris!