Feedback Matters: Tandem's Co-Founders Discuss Remote Feedback Strategies - ep. 076

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17 minutes

Explore the dynamic landscape of remote work with Melissa Miller, Co-Founder and COO, and Lauren Humphrey, Co-Founder and CEO at Tandem, in this episode that was recorded live at the Transform HR conference in Last Vegas. Join host Kaleem Clarkson and our guests as they share valuable insights around feedback in a remote work setting. From Melissa's unexpected forklift license in Alaska to Lauren's humorous fear of mascots, enjoy these lighthearted introductions that set the tone for an insightful discussion.

Diving deep into the evolution of remote work, Melissa and Lauren draw from their backgrounds at Gusto and their previous venture, Mintable, to highlight the significance of intentional feedback in remote environments. As pioneers in the field, their collective experiences have inspired them to co-found Tandem, a groundbreaking platform dedicated to facilitating continuous feedback within organizations.

Reflecting on their recent workshop at Transform HR, Melissa and Lauren explored the challenges and advantages of giving feedback remotely. They emphasize the crucial role of intentionality and effective communication in nurturing a culture of constructive feedback, particularly in today's remote and hybrid work settings.

Get actionable insights into navigating the intricacies of remote work and feedback management! From building trust to setting clear expectations, Melissa and Lauren underscore the importance of leveraging innovative tools like Tandem to drive engagement and enhance performance in distributed teams.

Thank you for the enlightening conversation, Melissa and Lauren.

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