Elevating The Employee Experience - Skye Osunde ep. 046

Skye Osunde, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
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15 minutes

Rick and Kaleem had the pleasure of conversing with Skye Osunde, CEO of CBS Creative & Consulting. Skye works with organizational leaders and entry to mid-level managers with large corporate brands such as Nike and Metlife, on how to enrich their leadership capacity while creating impactful, authentic, and psychologically safe spaces for their teams. 

There are a thousand ways to describe Skye's expertise, but we think she explains it best in her own words:

“If I’m investing my time, my energy, and my talent in a company...I need to know they are also fully invested in my total employee experience from recruitment until I exit”

What more can we say? If you're searching for ways to invigorate your team, Skye is the professional you must talk to first! 

You can find Skye at www.skyeosunde.com