How The Future Works - Brian Elliott ep. 052

Brian Elliott, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
RemotelyOne Episode Image
37 minutes

Rick and Kaleem have a fun chat with Brian Elliott, Executive Leader and the former SVP and Executive Director of Slack's Future Forum. Brian is a graduate of Northwestern University and a Baker Scholar at Harvard Business School. After a brief moment of wondering how we could share the same room with Brian, we quickly learned he is not only a brilliant mind but a cool cat with a great sense of humor.

Despite his impressive education and professional experience, Brian's goal is really very simple: to make work better for everyone. The world has moved past financial and physical capital as the determinants of success. Business challenges and competitive advantages in this century come down to people: how you attract and retain diverse talent, align them against a common purpose that engages them fully, and enable them to act with agility to achieve great things.

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