Innovating Remote Work and Learning: Insights from Rajeeb Dey, CEO of Learnerbly - ep. 058

Rajeeb Dey, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
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42 minutes

In this interview, Rick and Kaleem dive into the remarkable journey of Rajeeb Dey, a successful entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Learnerbly, a cutting-edge learning platform for employee professional development. Rajeeb's entrepreneurial ventures began with "Entrepreneurial Internships," connecting students with startups and small businesses for valuable internships. His next venture, "Startup Britain," aimed to promote entrepreneurship and support startups, catapulting him to becoming one of the Young Global Leaders recognized by the World Economic Forum.

Learnerbly made a seamless transition to a remote-first model during the pandemic, recognizing the numerous benefits of remote work, such as increased employee productivity and engagement. The platform offers a diverse array of learning resources, including books, coaching, courses, podcasts, and more, curated from over 200 different providers, empowering employees to tailor their learning journey to their preferences.

Remote work has transformed the landscape of employee development, and organizations are investing in upskilling and reskilling to retain talent and drive engagement. Learnerbly's platform plays a pivotal role in empowering employees to take charge of their growth while fostering a social aspect through Slack integration and activity feeds, enabling a thriving remote learning environment.

Rajeeb’s journey from founding entrepreneurial internships to leading Learnerbly and becoming a Young Global Leader as part of the World Economic Forum exemplifies his visionary approach and commitment to effecting positive change in the world of work and employee development.

Gain valuable insights on the future of remote work, the importance of a growth mindset, and the fascinating journey of an entrepreneur making waves in the global stage. Don't miss this inspiring podcast packed with invaluable perspectives and intriguing anecdotes from a visionary leader, Rajeeb Dey.

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