Leaving The Base Camp - Ilma Tiki ep. 023

Ilma Tiki, Fred Moore, and Kaleem Clarkson
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30 minutes

This episode features not one, but TWO new voices, as Rick had a last minute scheduling conflict. So Kaleem pulled in the legendary Freddie Cojaxx, rapper and longtime friend since they were four years old!  

Today's guest  is Ilma Tiki, CEO and co-founder of The Remote Company, the organization that invests in online businesses with remote teams. Its portfolio includes companies such as Ycode, MyZenTeam, and Partnero.

Originally from Lithuania, Ilma got her start in corporate banking, the very culture that helped guide her to launching her own business. Because of this experience, Ilma knew exactly what she didn't want. So she launched Mailerlite, an email marketing service provider with a focus on beautiful email design and exceptional customer support.

It was such an incredible service that in 2022, it sold for NINETY. MILLION. DOLLARS.

Oh, and she also published a book called "Leaving The Base Camp", a story of how to create a distributed team you trust, build a global brand, how to grow as a leader and stay true to yourself. 

We are inspired by Ilma's story, and think you will be too. Thanks for visiting, Ilma!