Level The Playing Field In Third Place - Amina Moreau ep. 029

Amina Moreau, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
RemotelyOne Episode Image
38 minutes

Rick and Kaleem have a conversation with Amina Moreau, Founder and CEO of Radious, an online marketplace for residential workspaces. Having founded five previous companies, Amina is a chronic entrepreneur. She is a storyteller who sees opportunity where many people see roadblocks.

Amina has amazing insights (her eyeglasses game is on point!) regarding proximity bias, which serves as the foundation beneath Radious. There is always a chance that someone might be discriminated against because they aren't being "seen" as often as other employees, so Amina and her team work diligently toward finding locations that are local and more accessible to those with barriers. Maybe they are caretakers for an elderly relative, or have to juggle daycare. Whatever their situation, Amina helps them find a solution that enables them to stay closer to where they need to be. 

What an inspirational and fun conversation. Thanks, Amina!