From Merrill Lynch to Canary: Rachel Schneider's Journey in Financial Wellness - ep. 063

Rachel Schneider, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
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40 minutes

Step into the world of financial wellness, remote work, and social entrepreneurship in this captivating podcast interview! Join co-hosts Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson as they welcome Rachel Schneider, the visionary founder and CEO of Canary, a company revolutionizing emergency payments for employees in crisis through a cutting-edge grant management solution.

As Rachel's remarkable journey unfolds, from her tenure at Merrill Lynch to her heartfelt dedication to financial well-being, you'll sense a genuine blend of admiration and apprehension from the hosts, making it an experience you can relate to. Rachel's life story, shaped by open family discussions about money and her transformative work with migrant farmworkers, serves as a backdrop for her pivotal career transition from investment banking to nonprofit advocacy. Explore Rachel's unwavering passion for assisting individuals facing financial hardships and the driving force behind her acclaimed book, "The Financial Diaries."

Dive deeper into the interview as Rachel unveils the birth of Canary and its innovative remote-first organizational structure. Gain profound insights into the challenges that people encounter during financial crises, with real-life examples that hit close to home. Discover how Canary empowers companies to establish emergency funds for employees grappling with unexpected financial hurdles. Throughout the conversation, personal anecdotes, expert insights, and discussions on Canary's mission effortlessly intertwine.

Enter the realm of social entrepreneurship as Rachel elucidates its essence—the application of entrepreneurial principles to tackle societal issues. Learn how Canary operates as a for-profit entity with a noble goal: formalizing and equalizing the informal support people offer in times of need.

Kaleem steers the conversation towards the intersection of remote work and social entrepreneurship, probing the impact of remote work on solving societal challenges. Rachel's perspective is illuminating; she sees remote work as a powerful force, especially in domains like home healthcare. It provides the freedom and flexibility for individuals to work where and how they're most productive.

The dialogue delves into the motivations behind companies establishing emergency funds. Rachel posits that it extends beyond financial assistance, fostering a culture of support and care within the organization. This aspect is particularly vital in remote work settings, where building and nurturing connections can prove challenging.

Concluding on a lighter note, Rachel shares a humorous anecdote about a colleague's virtual meeting mishap that leaves everyone in stitches. The hosts join in on the laughter, adding a delightful touch to this insightful interview. From the nuances of financial wellness to the dynamics of remote work culture, from community support to social entrepreneurship, this podcast covers it all. Don't miss this engaging blend of humor, personal stories, and invaluable insights!

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