Placing People First: Leah Knobler - ep. #007

Leah Knobler, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
RemotelyOne Episode Image
39 minutes

In today's episode, Kaleem and Rick have an entertaining and informative discussion with Leah Knobler, Director of Talent Acquisition at Help Scout. While working in higher education, Leah found herself asking "What do I want to be doing?" Soon after discovering the Help Scout company blog, she realized she'd found the answer in this small, remote-first software company looking to fill a People Ops role. 

Leah knew this was the place for her, and she went for it. Why? Because when a remote company is run well, it's great for all employees - even for extroverts like herself.

This was a great time for the fellas. They got to talk beer, Boston, and benefits of working remotely for a company that puts its people first!

Clock in, sit down, and listen up!