Prioritizing Team Success Over Personal Preferences When Working Remotely with CEO, Mike Adams - ep. 062

Mike Adams, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
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37 minutes

In this enlightening episode, Kaleem and Rick engage in a captivating conversation with the remarkable Mike Adams, the co-founder of Grain. Together, they embark on a voyage through Mike's diverse experiences encompassing remote work, entrepreneurship, and the ever-changing realm of work structures. With utmost transparency, Mike divulges his personal journey and the continuous evolution of his viewpoint regarding remote work.

Mike begins with an interesting paradox: despite leading a fully remote company, he initially disliked remote work. He expressed missing the energy, camaraderie, and seamless collaboration that in-person work provides. However, he also acknowledged the objective performance improvements his team experienced in a remote setup. This contrast between his personal preferences and his team's needs became a pivotal factor in his mindset. However, he highlights the shifting dynamics within his team as their personal preferences were evolving, serving as a driving force behind the changing work arrangements at Grain.

Responding to a question about advice for CEOs resistant to remote work, Mike underscores the significance of clear communication and expectation setting. He references companies like Notion and hedge funds, which were upfront about their return-to-office plans, eliminating ambiguity. Mike believes that many challenges faced by companies during remote work transitions stem from a lack of open dialogue and miscommunication.

Mike stresses the need for CEOs to engage in honest conversations with their teams, comprehend their preferences, and work towards a compromise. In his view, transparency and compromise are essential for a successful transition to new work arrangements, whether hybrid or fully remote. Our guest emphasizes the significance of trust, open communication, and a recognition of the changing work environment. Mike Adams' journey as an entrepreneur and evolving perspective on remote work serves as a valuable guide for organizations navigating the ever-changing landscape of work arrangements.

Tune in to this interesting interview and get invaluable insights into the challenges and dynamics of remote work, the importance of trust and clear communication, and the evolving landscape of work arrangements in the modern world. Definitely a must-listen for those navigating the remote work landscape!

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