Redefining Employee Experiences through Structured Conversations with Kunik: Liz Gulliver - ep. 059

Liz Gulliver, Rick Haney, Kaleem Clarkson
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39 minutes

In this insightful podcast interview, Kaleem and Rick chat with Liz Gulliver, co-founder of Kunik, a tech-enabled service agency that fosters meaningful conversations and connections within organizations to address challenges and promote growth and learning. Liz's journey from her early days of scraping barnacles to becoming a vice president at Citi and co-founding Kunik is truly inspiring.

Kunik collaborates with renowned brands like YouTube, SiriusXM, Wayfair, and IBM, creating structured opportunities for dialogue among employees to fill the void of meaningful interactions within organizations. Their platform collects valuable data insights to support learning and development initiatives.

The idea behind Kunik originated from Liz's experience of feeling disconnected while working in different locations for her previous employers. She and her co-founder, Josh, embarked on building a platform that could foster authentic connections and facilitate learning among employees. Initially focused on caregivers, Kunik's expertise became highly sought after by organizations navigating the transition to remote work during the pandemic.

One striking aspect of Kunik is its fully remote global team, which was established from the company's inception. Liz shares how they defied investor skepticism and decided to remain remote, emphasizing the numerous benefits and opportunities it provides. The team's remote success allows them to employ people with unique talents and support clients globally, transcending geographical boundaries.

Beyond their services, Kunik also hosts unconference events, where attendees collaboratively create the agenda and engage in meaningful conversations. They employ unique activities like "HR Fight Club" and "Give-Get" sessions to foster authentic connections and networking opportunities.

Liz's personal story is equally compelling, as she discusses managing both her remote company and her family while becoming a mother. Her experiences highlight the significance of work-life balance and the potential of remote work to accommodate diverse life situations.

Throughout the interview, Liz underscores the importance of employee experience and engagement in building successful organizations. Kunik's approach in addressing people-related challenges through structured conversations showcases how organizations can foster a culture of growth and learning, whether in remote or in-person settings.

Tune in to this enriching podcast to gain valuable insights into building authentic connections, promoting remote success, and redefining employee experiences in today's dynamic work environment.

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