Reinventing Commercial Real Estate with Codi's Remote Workspaces - Christelle Rohaut ep. 053

Christelle Rohaut, Hampton Clarkson and Kaleem Clarkson
RemotelyOne Episode Image
40 minutes

In this episode, Kaleem and guest co-host Hampton Clarkson have an interesting discussion with Christelle Rohaut, cofounder of Codi, a company that provides turnkey office spaces in local communities with the most flexible lease terms. 

As remote work continues to evolve, Codi is at the forefront, providing a flexible and hospitality-focused solution to those in need of a dedicated, yet cozy, space to work. Working from home can be lonely.  Co-working doesn't build your company culture, and brokers offering multi-year leases give you headaches.  Codi was built to break the status quo!

There is no question the pandemic has forced commercial real estate to rethink how much we need it, making it even more difficult to predict how much of it we will be using. Much of it is still sitting empty. As a result, Codi has been able to adapt its business model and utilize empty office space in urban areas. With any luck, Christelle's goal is to reduce the amount, or perhaps even halt new offices from being built!

What a fascinating concept - revitalize empty commercial space, reduce the commute, and still have the privacy you need. Thanks, Christelle, for changing the way we work!

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