Remote Coaching Dynamics: The Journey to Clarity with Redhook CEO Brie-Ann Forhecz - ep. 084

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12 minutes

Join us for an exciting new episode of the Remotely One podcast, broadcasting from the Tandem booth at the Transform HR conference in Las Vegas! Our host, Kaleem Clarkson, was thrilled to welcome guest Brie-Ann Forhecz, Founder and CEO of Redhook Coaching. Hailing from the Jersey Shore and now based in Manhattan, Brie-Ann brings over a decade of experience in HR management and a passion for coaching to the table.

As the CEO and founder of Redhook, a coaching company specializing in executive leadership, Brie-Ann is no stranger to the challenges and advantages of remote work feedback. In this lively discussion, she explores the intricacies of giving feedback in remote settings and emphasizes the importance of building trust with clients, especially in a virtual environment.

Brie-Ann also shares valuable insights into the coaching process, highlighting the importance of creating an open and warm atmosphere to foster trust and collaboration. With a focus on partnership and individualized support, Brie-Ann helps leaders gain clarity and drive meaningful outcomes in their professional journeys.

From the flexibility to work with clients worldwide to the opportunity to support leaders in diverse cultural and organizational contexts, remote coaching offers unique advantages. Despite the challenges, Brie-Ann highlights the immense potential for growth and innovation in this global work world.

And of course, no conversation with Brie-Ann would be complete without a glimpse into her Jersey Shore days. Hear the hilarious story of her encounter with none other than Bruce Springsteen himself on a beach in Seabright, New Jersey!

Join us as we explore the dynamic landscape of remote work coaching and gain valuable insights from Brie-Ann's wealth of experience and expertise. Don't miss this conversation filled with laughter, wisdom, and practical tips for navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities of remote work in today's world.

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