Remote Work Culture: The Power of Organizational Psychology with Dr. Laura ep. 055

Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
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35 minutes

Dr. Laura, CEO of Canada Career Counseling, is a renowned keynote speaker and thought leader on the evolution of work. Her expertise in organizational psychology and extensive research on virtual team leadership have established her as a respected figure in the field. In a recent podcast interview, Dr. Laura delves into various topics related to work culture and remote work, providing valuable insights for organizations and individuals.

One of the key points highlighted by Dr. Laura is the contrast between work cultures in Canada and the United States. She emphasizes Canada's focus on employee well-being, with longer maternity leaves and a growing acceptance of remote work. On the other hand, the U.S. tends to have a more rigid work culture with less emphasis on work-life balance.

Challenges faced by managers in embracing remote work are also discussed. Dr. Laura explains that remote leadership requires additional effort and skills, but it can lead to more fulfilling experiences for employees. Trust is identified as a crucial element, and organizations are encouraged to prioritize employee well-being and trust their remote workforce.

The conversation also touches on recent events, such as the strike by Canadian government employees advocating for more workplace flexibility. Dr. Laura highlights the contrasting opinions on this issue, with some arguing for more control from organizations and others advocating for employee autonomy and trust. The mental health crisis in both Canada and the United States is also addressed, attributing it, in part, to toxic work cultures and the lack of focus on employee well-being.

Dr. Laura's research and insights emphasize the need for better leadership and a shift toward a more humanistic approach to work. She believes that organizational psychology plays a crucial role in creating fulfilling careers and improving workplace environments. Her work has influenced the rise of remote work and hybrid models, making her research ahead of its time.

Beyond her research, Dr. Laura has made practical contributions to the field. She co-founded Work Evolution and developed the distributed work profiler, a personality profiler for remote workers. Trust emerges as a common thread among effective remote workers and leaders, and Dr. Laura emphasizes the importance of building trust, even for those naturally inclined to be distrusting.

Dr. Laura's insights provide valuable guidance for organizations and individuals navigating the changing landscape of work. She continues to share her knowledge through speaking engagements, articles, a podcast, and even psychological thrillers available on her website. Dr. Laura's work sheds light on the evolving nature of work and emphasizes the importance of creating a healthier and more flexible work culture.

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