Remote Work’s Impact on the Gig Economy: Dr. Kelly Monahan’s Vision for the Future - ep. 057

Kelly Monahan, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
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44 minutes

I’m this episode,  Rick and Kaleem speak with renowned expert, Dr. Kelly Monahan who is currently the Managing Director, at Upwork's Research Institute. As an authority in remote work and the future of work, Dr. Monahan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, making this episode an absolute must-listen.

With an impressive academic background and a PhD in organizational leadership, Dr. Monahan's expertise has been honed through her work at prestigious companies like Deloitte. Her vast knowledge is further exemplified by her book on behavioral economics in management decision-making, showcasing her deep understanding of the field.

In this captivating episode, Rick and Kaleem take you on a journey through Dr. Monahan's life, starting with her love for adrenaline-inducing activities and her thrilling move to Orlando, renowned for its breathtaking rides. Discover how these experiences shaped her perspective on work and life, setting the stage for her groundbreaking ideas.

Prepare to be inspired as Dr. Monahan shares insights from her TEDx talk on the future of work, which has captivated audiences worldwide. Her extensive publications, including a notable piece in the esteemed Harvard Business Review, solidify her reputation as a thought leader in the industry.

As the former director of the future of work at Meta (formerly Facebook), Dr. Monahan's expertise in remote work takes center stage. Gain valuable insights as she discusses the challenges of transitioning to a remote-first culture and maintaining connection and innovation in a virtual setting. Her involvement with the people analytics team at Meta and her groundbreaking research on virtual reality (VR) and human behavior will leave you with a fresh perspective on the future of work.

Delve into the thought-provoking conversation as Dr. Monahan explores the vital connection between remote work and diversity, shedding light on how it can foster inclusion and attract a diverse talent pool from around the globe. Uncover the challenges faced by remote workers and the importance of creating a sense of belonging and equal opportunities within virtual teams.

Don't miss Dr. Monahan's captivating anecdotes and humorous moments related to remote work, which offer valuable lessons on communication and privacy boundaries in a digital work environment.

Join Rick and Kaleem on Remotely One as they uncover the wisdom and expertise of Dr. Kelly Monahan, and be prepared to walk away inspired, motivated, and armed with fresh insights to thrive in the evolving world of remote work. Tune in now to this must-listen episode that will ignite your passion and drive for meaningful work experiences.

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