Reshaping Employee Relocation in the Era of Remote Work with Pivt CEO, Lynn Greenberg - ep. 065

Lynn Greenberg, Rick Haney, Kaleem Clarkson
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38 minutes

This engaging conversation between Lynn Greenberg, one of Forbes 30 Under 30, and the Founder and CEO of Pivt, and co-hosts Kaleem and Josh, delves into the complexities of the relocation, inception, and transformation of the Pivt platform, and the evolution of remote work's impact on the industry. In this refreshing capsule, Lynn shares her journey of relocating to London after college, narrating the challenges she faced in adapting to a new city and the impetus behind creating Pivt. Initially conceptualized as a consumer app aiding individuals in adjusting to new locales, Pivt evolved into a platform catering to corporate employees and their families, focusing on mitigating turnover and enhancing social well-being during relocations.

The dialogue navigates the substantial influence of the pandemic on remote work, relocation trends, and employee welfare. Lynn emphasizes a wave of independent relocations following the shift to remote work, prompting companies to recognize the significance of supporting relocated workers. Moving forward, the conversation touches on collaborations with economic development organizations and cities offering incentives to attract remote workers, underscoring Pivt's crucial role in facilitating community integration in these areas.

Lynn also candidly shares her relocation challenges, underscoring the vital role of community, social connections, and the feeling of being at home in a new environment. This personal experience fuels her dedication to establishing Pivt and bridging the gap for relocated individuals. This exchange portrays Lynn's entrepreneurial journey, tracing Pivt's transformation from a consumer-focused app to a business-oriented platform catering to the challenges of corporate relocations in the evolving landscape of remote work. Throughout the dialogue, Lynn elucidates Pivt's evolution and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of individuals and companies in the dynamic relocation space. An entertaining discussion shedding light on the intricacies of modern-day relocations and how Pivt navigates these challenges within an ever-evolving work environment.

Discover the metamorphosis of Pivt, and its role in facilitating relocations and community integration amidst the changing dynamics of remote work. Lynn's insights on the pivotal role of connections, mental well-being, and community integration in enhancing the relocation experience for individuals and families in a shifting work environment are groundbreaking. Thank you for joining us, Lynn!

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