Rethinking the Purpose of In-Person Meetings: Manuel Pais's Take on Remote Work Trends - ep. 068

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43 minutes

In the most recent episode of The Remotely One Podcast, hosts Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson invite Manuel Pais, co-author of the book "Team Topologies," for a lively conversation that transcends the technical realm! This delightful discussion spans from Manuel's affection for cheesy 80s music to his intriguing background, originating from Lisbon, Portugal, and presently residing in Madrid, Spain.

With a master's degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon and a noteworthy stint as the former editor for InfoQ, Manuel's extensive career provides the backdrop for an insightful discussion. The exchange leads to a profound reflection on Manuel’s experience, sharing valuable lessons learned as an editor and underscoring the significance of connecting with influential figures in the tech industry.

A pivotal question arises regarding Manuel's transition from his established career to focusing on his co-authored book, "Team Topologies." Manuel's motivation behind the book addresses critical issues related to team dynamics, interactions, and leadership in a technical environment. Our guest emphasizes the importance of recognizing and resolving non-technical problems within teams for enhanced motivation and engagement.

The conversation delves deep into the challenges faced by remote teams, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Manuel discusses how the shift to remote work brought existing issues to the forefront, with teams grappling to collaborate effectively. He underscores the importance of intentionally addressing problems related to team interactions, dependencies, and communication in a remote environment.

The animated trio also touches on the evolving attitudes toward remote work, workplace flexibility, and goal setting. Manuel reflects on the current trend of remote work and suggests rethinking the purpose of in-person meetings, focusing on goal alignment during face-to-face interactions, opening a space to discuss the broader landscape of remote work, touching on transparency, intentional communication, and knowledge sharing among teams.

Venturing into more personal territory, Manuel shares insights into his journey as an author, highlighting the unexpected growth in his communication skills influenced by his work at InfoQ and participation in conference talks. Before concluding, Manuel introduces his latest project, a workbook on remote team interactions based on concepts from "Team Topologies." He elucidates the specific challenges of remote work and provides practical techniques and templates to help teams navigate these challenges.

A comprehensive exploration encompassing Manuel Pais's background, his experiences at InfoQ, insights from "Team Topologies," and perspectives on the challenges and solutions for remote team collaboration. The engaging and informative discussion positions it as a valuable resource for professionals navigating the complexities of the remote work environment. Don’t miss out and get ready to take notes, Manuel is spilling golden nuggets in this installment!

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