Robinauts And The Infinite Workspace - Zach Dunn ep. 026

Zach Dunn, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
RemotelyOne Episode Image
36 minutes

In today's episode, the fellas chat with Zach Dunn, VP of Customer Experience & Co-Founder at Robin. Robin is the first workplace platform that puts people before places, and empowers people to choose how and where they work while providing organizations the tools and insights needed to succeed.

A fellow New Englander, Zach and his team help companies enable people to do their best (hybrid) work by giving everyone the ability to understand, use, and advance their workplace. The philosophy is simple: If you're working somewhere - anywhere - that's your office. Regardless of whether it's in a cubicle or a cafe, we all do our best work where we're comfortable. So why limit it to a central office location? 

Zach, we are so glad you stopped by and not only took the time to chat with us, but provided an enlightening perspective on the ever-evolving workspace. We hope to connect with you again very soon!