Step into the Ring: Empowering Remote Teams Through Trauma-Informed Leadership with Stephanie Lemek - ep. 078

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12 minutes

Stephanie Lemek, the Founder and CEO of The Wounded Workforce, brought her extensive HR expertise and unexpected background as a boxing referee and judge delving into her profound People Relations acumem in this episode that was recorded live at the Transform HR conference in Last Vegas!

Join host Kaleem Clarkson and our guests as they share valuable insights around feedback in a remote work setting. Originating from Omaha, Nebraska, and now based in Phoenix, Arizona, Stephanie discussed her corporate and startup roles, including notable research on remote work at Gallup.

Leading Wounded Workforce, Stephanie focuses on creating trauma-informed teams, emphasizing how remote work supports individuals dealing with trauma or disabilities while expanding the talent pool and fostering inclusivity.

The pair delved into the challenges of remote feedback, with Stephanie advocating for deliberate communication and readiness checks. Drawing from her HR experience, she highlighted HR's role as truth-tellers and effective upward management.

Stephanie's passion for boxing, inspired by her family's dedication to fitness and community, provided a unique perspective to this chat: Her involvement in boxing contributed to youth engagement and violence prevention!

Stephanie's diverse insights offer valuable guidance on remote work, feedback culture, and building inclusive workplaces. Thank you for an inspiring conversation, Stephanie, keep sharing your invaluable insights, and enriching our understanding of remote work dynamics!

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