The Work Futurist: Danielle Farage ep. 039

Danielle Farage, Rick Haney and Kaleem Clarkson
RemotelyOne Episode Image
39 minutes

We had a fun and informative conversation with Danielle Farage, a Work Futurist who leverages technology to bridge the gap between leaders and talent to create more inclusive, equitable and dynamic cultures.

We were fascinated not only with Danielle's perspectives on work culture, but also her unique experiences which lead to her core belief that everyone should feel valued, supported and fulfilled in the workplace and beyond. As an older member of Gen Z, Danielle brings people together to talk about fostering an elevated consciousness around the intersection of identity, culture, and workplace. 

And she was licensed to operate a boat at twelve years old, long before she could drive a car. Talk about making waves at an early age! Sorry about the Dad joke, Danielle.  We're Dads, and we just can't help it.  Nonetheless, we are so glad you joined us on the show. Thanks, Danielle!